Paper Fly Agaric Mushroom – How to Make a 3D Mushroom

fly agaric paper craft

Hello everyone! Our inspiration for this craft came from our previous work – a hedgehog with mushrooms coloring page for kids. Perhaps in the next few classes, we’ll be making various types of mushrooms. And to kick off the mushroom theme, we have a PAPER FLY AGARIC MUSHROOM CRAFT for kids. It’s a very beautiful and original creation. The difficulty level is moderate, suitable for older children. It’s also great for school art classes.

Please prepare the following materials:

  • Colored paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

How to Make a 3D Fly Agaric Mushroom

First and foremost, let’s focus on the hat. Cut out a circle of red color. Older children can use a compass, while younger ones can trace around an object such as a plate from a children’s dish set. Cut the circle into four equal parts.

how to make a paper mushroom cap

From each quarter, roll up little tubes and fix them carefully with glue. A glue stick would be more appropriate here as it will dry faster and the tube won’t have time to become damp.

paper crafts for kids

The mushroom stem is a shape that resembles a vase. Draw it freehand, no template necessary. The most important thing is to have a plump little belly)) A white office sheet is suitable for cutting it out.

paper crafts for kids

The background is a blue cardboard. Using glue, we will connect the prepared parts on it. Even at this stage, it is immediately clear that the craft will be a paper fly agaric. The recognizable shape and colors – this mushroom can’t be confused with any other.

fly agaric paper craft

Now we will need two white paper skirts. One should be bigger, the other smaller.

paper craft

We will stack them on top of each other, cut fringe and glue it to the mushroom stem.

fly agaric mushroom from paper

Small white dots – a characteristic scattering of wart-like flakes on the cap. Did you know that these flakes can be washed off old mushrooms by heavy rain?

fly agaric mushroom from paper

This voluminous paper mushroom for children looks quite interesting.

paper mushroom craft

Let’s move on to the decor. We’ll create grass from a thin strip of green paper. Simply cut one edge into teeth and place it at the base.

fly agaric paper craft

A three-dimensional fly agaric made of paper

Additionally, we have cut out several leaves of different shapes and colors. A decorative stapler can be used. These leaves are not only for decoration, but can also cover small imperfections in the child’s work (somewhere slightly crooked, slanted, or with an uneven drop of glue – this is normal for children, there is no need to redo anything for them, otherwise they will not learn anything).

fly agaric mushroom from paper

The paper fly agaric is ready! He’s so striking, important, and with a sense of his own worth! He looks amazing.

fly agaric mushroom from paper

At our next lesson, we will once again be mushroom hunters. Join us.

Create and develop alongside with us. See you soon!

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