Leaf mice – creativity from autumn leaves.

Leaf Mouse

Leaves… They’re everywhere right now. Trees are dressed in orange-red-yellow outfits. Fragrant rustling carpets underfoot in parks. Multicolored planes flying in the air. Children love collecting them and giving bouquets to those they love. Autumn walks are not only beneficial and beautiful, but also a great opportunity to collect natural materials and practice fine motor skills. Today, we’re making mice out of leaves. Such crafts always develop imagination, train skills of careful work with materials, and promote perseverance. Join us!

How to make a mouse out of autumn leaves.

For this lesson, we need:

  • Autumn foliage.
  • Colored paper, cardboard.
  • Scissors, glue.
  • Self-adhesive plastic eyes.
  • hole punch.
autumn crafts

For this craft project, poplar leaves are a great fit, as are leaves from the aspen tree. We chose poplar leaves. First, we will cut the leaf in half lengthwise.

autumn crafts

We will need the half with the stem. This is the future body and tail.

Leaf Mouse

We will cut thin strips from colored paper. These will be the future whiskers of the mouse. For each little animal, we’ll take two strips, cross them and glue them to the base. We’ll also attach plastic toy eyes. Easy and quick, isn’t it?

Leaf Mouse

We didn’t stop there. We decided to treat the little animals to a tasty snack. What do you think mice love the most? Of course, cheese! And it’s as easy as pie to make. We cut a triangle out of the biggest leaf we could find and punched holes into it with a hole puncher. Cool, huh?

crafts from autumn leaves

Leaf mice

Our craft is ready. It’s probably one of the easiest tasks that children can handle on their own. The leaf mice are enjoying the cheese)) Be careful not to scare them)))

Mice made out of leaves

If you enjoyed making leaf mice with us and found it easy and enjoyable, we suggest taking a look at our AUTUMN ARCHIVE, where you will find a variety of different autumn crafts made from various materials.

Create and grow with us. Until next time!

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