Fall Leaf Hedgehog Craft and template

аппликация из листьев ежик

Autumn-themed crafts are highly popular right now. Fall Leaf Hedgehog Craft is the simplest and most imaginative autumn craft using natural materials. It’s also versatile because this leafy creation always turns out unique, thanks to the various techniques and materials used in the creative process. Hedgehogs can be crafted using pinecones, seeds, grapes, or even grains.

We are excited to present you with a step-by-step tutorial for creating an autumn-themed leaf hedgehog applique. To begin, you will need the following materials:

  1. Printed hedgehog template.
  2. Green leaves, preferably thin and narrow.
  3. Glue.
hedgehog template

Print out the hedgehog template. Apply glue to the body of the hedgehog. For this craft, we recommend using a glue stick.

hedgehog template

Take the green leaves. They are long and thin in shape, resembling hedgehog spines. We have gathered fresh, firm leaves that have not yet turned yellow, giving them a vibrant green color. The leaves fit harmoniously and create a striking effect in this applique. Glue them onto the outer contour of the hedgehog’s body.

hedgehog template

Place the leaves closely together, ensuring a tight arrangement. Form the next row by overlapping the leaves and gluing them down. Pay attention to the direction of the leaves to ensure that the hedgehog’s spines are neat and well-groomed. This step can be a bit challenging for children, as they might be tempted to stick the ivy leaves randomly – on top, bottom, or in different directions. The role of an adult is to demonstrate and explain the proper technique.

Fall Leaf Hedgehog Craft

Fall Leaf Hedgehog Craft

And here is the result – the hedgehog made of leaves is ready! We have glued down all the available leaves. In total, we have created 4 rows of leaves. Our hedgehog has a dense and non-prickly coat of spines. This craft is relatively simple yet highly effective. It looks fresh and unique.

Fall Leaf Hedgehog Craft

Actually, this is just one of many ways to create a leaf hedgehog. What I love about this craft is its simplicity and the final result. Each child can independently choose their favorite hedgehog template and gather the leaves that appeal to them the most. As a result, the autumn craft will turn out beautiful and unique.

Additionally, we also made an owl out of wild grape leaves. It’s absolutely amazing! Take a look and give it a try. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

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