DIY: Autumn Leaf Ballerina

leaf ballerina craft

Autumn foliage is a beautiful natural material for creative projects. The vast variety of shapes and colors allows for the creation of many beautiful paintings, cards, panels, and appliques. Continuing with the theme of autumn crafts, this time we decided to make dancing girls. An applique ballerina made from autumn leaves is a very beautiful piece of work. The activity itself will be interesting, especially for girls. After all, what princess doesn’t love to dress up and dance? Moreover, here you are your own fashion designer and choreographer.

For this lesson we will need:

How to Make Ballet Flats from Leaves

From the multitude of dancer stencils, we have chosen these. It is easier to cut them out with a precision knife.

ballerina template printable

By the way, if you need black silhouettes, take a look here.

осенние балерины из бумаги

We couldn't decide on the outfits. Which ones and from what will be the most beautiful? So we decided that the dancing girls will be in different packs.

Craft Autumn Leaves

Freshly picked leaves for work. They have been pressed for several hours to make them flatter and easier to work with. We don't particularly like dry leaves as they are too fragile - they break and crumble easily. Additionally, they often lose their color.

So, let's dress up the dancers. For this, we need a gathered skirt and a top. We carefully stick on the leaves in the waist area with a fan. And for the top, we simply cut out the necessary sized scraps.

Making a ballerina craft from fall leaves

Here is a ballerina made of willow leaves. A delicate yellow-green outfit.

Leaf ballerina craft

And this dancer dressed herself in wild grapevine. The shimmering shades of reddish-pink colors were very beautiful. Her skirt was voluminous, billowing, with pretty pleats.

Autumn leaf crafts

And here is another girl. Stunningly bright orange outfit. Moreover, it is slightly velvety to the touch.

Autumn leaf ballerina craft

DIY: Autumn Leaf Ballerina

All together. Great company.

DIY leaf ballerina craft

The application of a ballerina made from autumn leaves is ready! They are so beautiful. Delicate, bright, refined, and graceful. It seems as if music will start playing any moment and the ballerinas will start dancing.

leaf ballerina craft

If you enjoyed it, you can check out many more of our educational activities in the Autumn archive. There you'll find simple and effective crafts for autumn in preschool and school.

Create and grow with us. Until we meet again!

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