Ballerina template printable

ballerina template printable

Paper ballerina craft, cutting templates

Female dancers are often needed in various creative projects. They are used to make beautiful appliqués, cards, and panels. They are great for decorating rooms during New Year’s and other themed holidays. Garlands and hanging mobiles look particularly nice. That’s why ballerina templates for cutting are in high demand and are often searched for on the internet. By the way, you may also find paper angels useful – there is a super cool selection of cherubs available.

Ballerina stencil without a skirt

More often than not, what is needed are not just outlines of dancers, but stencils of ballerinas without skirts. This is because skirts can be made from a variety of materials – from paper snowflakes, leaves, flower petals, napkins, thread, and fabrics of different textures. This is precisely why the proposed ballerina cutting templates are a whole collection; any figure can be printed out and then cut out.

Ballerina template printable

Each image can be printed in the appropriate size. Choose. Click on any ballerina – a gallery of images will open. Right-click and select “Save Image As…” – specify the path (desktop or desired folder) – save.

By the way, if you need black silhouettes, take a look HERE.


So, make your choice!

We have arranged several silhouettes per sheet of A4 format. This is convenient if you need stencils of the same size. You no longer need to adjust or match – simply print and cut out.

You can print it on regular white office paper. You can also print it on colored paper. Some people transfer it onto cardboard for a sturdier base. Sometimes they add faces with various emotions, but more often they leave it as it is.

If you need ideas for what to do with all of this, you can take a look at our craft example – girls made from autumn leaves – September, October, November. We are also planning to make lace garlands for New Year’s and decorate a Christmas tree. Children will enjoy a mobile in black and white colors. In general, there are many options.

Create and evolve with us. Until we meet again!

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